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Interactive video Blackjack – Casino game

The Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino offers a new unulual game mode for the  world of the Web: an interactive video dedicated to the casino game of Blackjack.
The interactive videos are a new formula that allows the viewer to interact with the video and choose themselves for the development of their video…
In this way, therefore, the viewer becomes active in front of the screen, he can change the fate of his video and build his game based on his choices, a bit like a book-game.
In this first interactive video dedicated to the game of Blackjack, in fact, the viewer can choose his bet and play at each stage of the game if “stand” or ask for an additional card.
The only limitation on this interactive video is inherent the fact that you can not interact with the video if you are watching it with a smartphone but you can do it with any pc or tablet.
To make your game with this interactive video you just have to start playing the video that appears below … Enjoy this interactive video!

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