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The best of natural products of Aosta Valley

When a tourist enters for the first time in a new room Hotel, his senses get to work: sight scrutinizes every little detail of the room, his fingers sliding on furniture to look and feel the materials and the small imperfections, probe smells the scent of clean and any other fragrance surrounding.
Ensuring an high touristic experience level becomes an issue that also concerns smell, taste and all aspects related to the senses of those who we want to host. For this reason, the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino has searched for years the perfection in hospitality, trying to combine high standards with a strong and close relationship with the region of Aosta Valley.
If a tourist choses Saint-Vincent and Aosta Valley, he wants to feel like a part of the territory when he rests comfortably in his hotel room or while he regenerates his energy with a refreshing shower, while he uses cosmetic products and courtesy offered by the Hotel, or even while he leaves himself at the care of body in the wellness center of the hotel.

natural products of Aosta Valley

Tourism in Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino

For his line of cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances offered in the wellness center, the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino has chosen to rely on Alpiflora, a local company specialized in beauty products, cosmetic lines and well-being derived from the flowers of the Alps. Those products are characterized by soothing features, softening and perfuming unique, unmistakable aromas and fragrances of Alpine peaks, obtained without the use of mineral oils, derived from chemicals or artificial fragrances.
In this way, each guest at the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino, entering his room, discovers the aromas of edelweiss, lavender grown in Aosta Valley and of all those herbs which are derived from age-old holistic culture of Aosta Valley…
Alpiflora is also a choice geared to sustainable tourism, promotion of the products of Aosta Valley, to support the local economy, because there can’t be no sustainable tourism without a network of relationships and contacts with the area that we want value.
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