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the best casino in the world

Saint-Vincent Casino in the guide of the best casinos in the world

The Saint- Vincent Resort & Casino enters the guide of the best casinos in the world according to the website Games of Slots !
Games of Slots has in fact dedicated an article to the drafting of a ranking of the 20 best casinos in the world, considering many aspects that revolve around the modern concept of a Casino.
Over time, in fact, from cathedrals of gambling the Casinos have been transformed into veritable Resort, that can offer entertainment, relaxation, fun and much more…
The well-known site takes into consideration 20 of the most important Casino & Resort in the world , analyzing parameters such as square meters, gaming machines, restaurants and bars, rooms at the Resort and dedicating at each Casino a meticulous and accurate description.

Some of this mentioned Casinos are very famous, such the Bellagio and the Venetian in Las Vegas, respectively in the 11th and 14th place andCasino less known to most but with great charm as the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City or the Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp, South Africa.

the best casino in the world

What is surprising is to see at the top of the guide many new structures from  the powerful China and located in the new capital of gambling, Macau. At the top of the rankings we can see in fact imposing structures concentrated in the new eastern Las Vegas: The Venetian Macao, 1st place , with 546,000 square meters, more than 3,000 gaming machines, 870 tables, 24 bar and 3000 rooms, the City of Dreams Resort, 2nd place , with 420,000 square meters, 1350 gaming machines , 520 tables, 14 bar to 1400 rooms.
The Saint- Vincent Resort & Casino stands out in this special classification, not for the square meters, even not for the number of gaming machines or number of tables but for his ambitious project, which fits inside the famous casino a lot of new items for recreation and relaxation and for introducing in the Resort the italian culinary tradition and the Alpine culture of hospitality…

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