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Rules of French Roulette

French Roulette is divided into a tableau of 37 numbers , from 1 to 36 plus the zero, coupled to a wheel composed of two parts, a wooden fence and a brass swivel and concentric, containing 37 numbered boxes corresponding to the numbers of the track.

The game of French Roulette

The game of French Roulette is managed by a team of croupiers. At the beginning of the game the croupier places the ball in the box numbered, corresponding to the date of the day. Then starting turn the roulette cylinder one croupier announces : ” Messieurs , la partie commence ” and than he says: ” Messieurs, faites vos jeux“. After the players have placed their bets on the French Roulette table, the croupier throws the ball by turning in the opposite direction to that of the envelope of the French Roulette cylinder. The classic phrase “rien ne va plus ” closes the game.
The players can bet a number of combinations listed below:
FULL paid 35 times
HORSE paid 17 times
Triplet paid 11 times
CARRE paid 8 times
Sestina paid 5 times
DOZEN paid 2 to 1
COLUMN paid 2 to 1
RED, BLACK , PAIR , IMPAIR , PASS MANQUE and are paid even money.

French Roulette

Rules of French roulette

When hitting the zero, bets on the simple chances are “imprisoned ” and lose half their value; in practice, the dealer moves the bet instead of dividing the chip on the line drawn within the boundary of the corresponding game of chance . The player can take or move his bet in the “prison ” of another simple chance or to withdraw it.

Scores of French Roulette

There are other plays, not represented on the tableau of the French Roulette , but accepted by the croupier.
The main ones are :
SERIES 5/8 : is an area numbered cylinder consists of 12 numbers ; is played with 6 coins that are wagered one for each horse : 5/8-10/11-13/16-23/24-27/30-33/36 .
TOWNS OF ZERO is an area numbered cylinder consists of 17 numbers ; is played with nine chips so bullets: two on the triplet 0/2/3 , two on the yoke 25/29 and one for each horse 4/7-12/15-18/21-19/22-32/35 .
Orphans : two sectors are divided on the wheel of three and five numbers ; generally are played on horseback with five coins wagered so : a full cover 1 and one for each of the following horses : 6/9- 14/17-17/20-31/34 .
Among the play French Roulette there are other areas, a sample with five coins 0/3, 12/15 , 19/26 , 32/35, commonly known as ” NASSA ” or any other sequence of numbers played in the middle of the cylinder that should be listed the dealer from lowest to highest , such as: 2 , 4, 15 , 19 and 21 , or 8 , 10, 11 , 23 and 30 and so on.
FINAL for example, includes three final 3:13 , 23, 33 – the final two fifths , composed of horses 2/5 , 12/ 15, 22 /25, 32/35 – the final half which is played with five pieces , including one for the horse 1/2, 11/12 , 31/ 32 and in full- on 21,22 and so on …
All bets must be made with the French Roulette chips that can be purchased at the checkout . We do not accept ads unless accompanied by the relevant amount .
The player is required to supervise their bets so that they do not undergo shifts or changes, even if delivered to the clerk . In case of error or failure to placement , the player must do to correct the first episode of “Rien ne va plus ” : the location of the chip determines the output of the number combination , and also played the player must always be present to pay , even if he did bet the chips to the dealer .
The player is required to comply with the minimum and maximum displayed at the table at which he plays . And ‘ forbidden to intervene third parties to exceed the maximum .
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