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Rafting in Aosta Valley

Rafting in Aosta Valley

Rafting is pure adrenaline, is a challenge against the force of the water, is a moment of unforgettable fun!
If you like excitement, if you like to get in extreme situations and you want to have lasting memories to share forever with your fellow adventurers, don’t miss the opportunity to experience rafting in Aosta Valley!

Rafting in our streams

The Aosta Valley is a privileged place for Rafting: the streams that flow from the glaciers at the top of the Aosta Valley Alps are very performing and coveted by fans of this sport. The territory of Aosta Valley offers different possibilities for Rafting, from the most simple to the most steep, for beginners and for experts, it’s simply necessary  to choose one of the Rafting club present on the region and select the kind of experience that you want to live…
One of the necessary conditions for the practice of Rafting is the slope and shape of the river to navigate. To be suitable for this sport, in fact, the streams must be able to offer exciting descents and, at the same time, allow the passage of boats for Rafting, for this reason the Aosta Valley is a popular destination for the lovers of Rafting.
Many athletes from each country have chosen the Aosta Valley to train and practice Rafting and there are many Rafting Club born along the main river of the Aosta Valley and at the apex of its many tributaries.

Rafting from our Resort

Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino offers the possibility to practice Rafting combining style and safety!
For many years, the Resort has set up a partnership with an important Rafting Club on Aosta Valley. The aim of this collaboration is to put all the Resort guests in the possibility to experience the adrenaline rush of Rafting in total safety and combine this experience with the high standards that distinguish the services and the proposals of the Resort…

Saint-Vincent Resort

In this way, after your great adventure on streams in the Aosta Valley, you will have the opportunity to relax in our Wellness Center, to appreciate the delicious dishes offered by our three restaurants or try the great adrenaline testing your luck at our famous Saint-Vincent Casino.
Combine the adrenaline of Rafting with the emotions of our Resort, click here!

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