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Interview with Ugo Perucca – 1st Place in Veterans Cat. of Tor des Géants 2014

The Tor des Giants is a race of ultra XLong Trail that takes place in the territory of 34 municipalities of Aosta Valley in the month of September. The Tor is considered one of the most difficult Trail races in the world because, in order to win, you need to complete first a distance of approximately 330 km, with an elevation gain of about 24,000 feet, within 150 hours from the start of the race.
So this is a real Herculean task, which puts a strain on the participants and each year sees the abandonment of many athletes.
With its location in the heart of the central valley of Aosta Valley, the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino is a privileged place from which is possible to follow all the various stages of the Tor des Géants and our Resort is also indeed proud to count among its employees the winner of the Category Veterans 2 of the Tor des Géants 2014!

Ugo Perrucca is in fact an inspector at the tables at our Casino, is an athlete with a great character and great personality, is also a very humble person and very attached to the great beauty of nature and the mountains of the Aosta Valley, we have interviewed him in the light of his great achievement in the Tor des Géants 2014!

Interview Tor des Géants

Hello Ugo, tell us something about the Tor des Giants

Many people argues that the Tor is a very tough race, to understand its characteristics suffice to read his numbers: when we talk about 330 kilometers long, more than 24,000 feet of elevation gain, it becomes quite easy to consider it one of the most difficult Trail races in the world.
Beyond the numbers, however, the Tor des Géants is an atypical race, which requires a great preparation, which requires you to spend at least two thirds of the season exclusively for this event. It should in fact to have a perfect physical preparation, which requires many months, if not years of training and in addition to this you must also have a great mental preparation.
In a race like the Tor des Géants, after two or three days past running, a lot of problems take over, such as fatigue, such as the cold or heat and many other problems. In this context, your head plays a crucial role and you must be able to find resources that you might not have even thought of to have…

What is the part of the Tor des Géants that you think is the most challenging? Do you want to talk about it? 

I think the Tor des Géants is all very challenging, there isn’t a more challenging or less challenging… From the point of view of altitude, surely the most challenging stages are the stages of Valgrisenche – Cogne and Donnas – Gressoney but personally I try to live the Tor des Géants in a different way: I like to start from Courmayeur and not look so much the length of the path but rather to overcome an obstacle at a time, and I think that this method helps to avoid major discomfort, especially in the first part of the Tor, because focusing on one goal at time makes it easier to overcome any difficulties.
As you approach the goal, when you are near to Valtournenche, you can start to focus on the finish line and starti to think a little differently.

What is the mountain for you?

For me, the mountain certainly contains important values​​: I was born in Aosta Valley, in the midst of these mountains, for me the mountains have always been masters of life. When someone asks me “when you do your workouts, when you walk in the mountains alone, what do you think, what you do, etc…” I like to say that the trees and rocks will teach you things that no teacher will ever teach…

Do you think that the Aosta Valley is a privileged place, sufficiently enhanced for lovers of the mountain?

The Aosta Valley is a privileged place for trailers but not only, even for a simple tourist, because it offers many opportunities: we have beautiful castles in Aosta Valley and much more to see…
For mountain lovers and especially the Trailers, the Aosta Valley is a privileged place because coming out from your home you are with the mountains in front of you and you can do the workouts as you want throughout the year.
During the Tor des Géants I had the opportunity to speak with many athletes from different nationalities and they are very excited about our mountains and the Aosta Valley in general. I also realized that the Tor des Géants helps to raise the awareness of Aosta Valley and abroad should make it known even more, because we are ready to welcome the tourists who will visit the Aosta Valley, we have many structures of excellence, including the renovated Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino and we hope that many tourists wills arrive…

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