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Interview with the sole director of the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino

In this video interview, made for the readers of our blog and for our friends on social media, the sole director of the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino, Luca Frigerio, analyzes the work done to get to the creation of the new Saint Vincent Resort & Casino.
The goal behind this important project has been to meet the needs of a clientele always more attentive to the leasure and the offered services to be able to contextualize the known Saint-Vincent Casino in the territory of Aosta Valley, in order to ensure an unique tourist experience, with a few similar examples in Europe…
Today, in fact, the tourism market is more and more oriented to the reasons for visiting a particular destination. In order to satisfy the expectations of our guests, therefore we had to embark on an important work of reform and renewal, both for the buildings that constitute the new Resort, both for the services offered to our guests. Deliver an high quality tourist stands today means to offer important leasure services, like our new wellness center l’EVE: 1.700 square feet of pampering for all the guests, or as the 3 restaurants and 4 bars that constitute the food & beverage offer the Resort or the newly renovated Casino de la Vallée | Saint-Vincent!

The new Resort has also implemented a series of important collaborations with local touristic players in the area of Saint-Vincent and in the Aosta Valley in general, to get to give at the potential tourists a variety of activities, services, routes, events and ideas suited to attract and generate strong emotions…
So today the new Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino is ready to welcome all those who are looking for an unforgettable holiday…

Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino

To discover the new Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino visit our website!

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