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Interview with the mountain guide Andrea Duc

Andrea Duc was born in Aosta in 1962, his passion for the mountains led him to become ski instructor in 1983 and mountain guide below. Alpine ski coach for 20 years and mountaineer with ascents on rock, ice and shipments all over the world (Africa, Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Nepal, Patagonia). Andrea is the president of the company guides Arnad in Aosta Valley from 2010, in Arnad, also, he attended the redevelopment of the famous climbing walls of Corma Machaby. Given his extensive experience as a mountain guide, the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino has involved him in a project to bring guests of the Resort to the alpinism and mountain sports

Mountain guide Andrea Duc

Hello Andrea, thank you for taking some of your time to our readers. First of all, we wanted to ask you what were the sacrifices you’ve had to deal with for the mountain
Become guide is primarily a personal satisfaction and a love for the mountains so the sacrifices are often rewarded by the environment that you have the good fortune to attend. The route starts from young people: together with a friend I programmed in school an adequate level of climbs and a curriculum appropriate to deal in the entrance test. After that there were two-year courses with instructors and two years as an aspiring guide.

For many the mountaineering can be considered such a metaphor of an inner journey, there are recurring thoughts or prevalent feelings during ascent?
During a climb the mind remains engaged on the climb and on its success, the concentration is very important to complete a challenging course.

Among your countless companies what is the experience that the more you involved emotionally and physically?
The repetition in free climb of the route Bonatti of the Grand Capucin, in the Mont Blanc massif, with 8-9 hours of climbing.

Yuri Gagarin, after the first space flight said he did not see god in heaven, what did you saw on the highest peaks of the earth?
Reach a peak is first of all a personal satisfaction, possibly to be shared with the persons with whom we are tied in rope… I’ve never seen any mystical light!!!

Tell us about Aosta Valley, do you think is a privileged place for climbers?
Aosta Valley is a small region and at the same time is full of walls and mountains like few places in the world, the problem is that few know it, especially abroad…

Tell us about the redevelopment of the famous climbing walls of Corma Machaby in Arnad
The walls of Arnad have for many years been a meeting point for climbers who attend to the preparation of the mountain or even just to get the Paretone Machaby and the Pillar Lomasti. These walls are been re-equipped in recent years with regional public investment thanks to which it has been checked all the climbing routes present (more than 400 pitches in all) and now offer an important point of reference for Aosta Valley.
Arnad guides now run with care it by checking all equipped routes of the site annually.

Andrea Many thanks for your great kindness and congratulations for your important work!

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