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Interview with Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni is an internationally renowned architect, his architecture studio is famous in the world and his works are regarded as true works of art.
His career began in 1978 when, after the graduating in architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, he started working as Art Director & Designer at Boffi kitchens and a few years later, in 1986, he founded the architecture studio Lissoni Associati. Over the years, Lissoni designs and realizes luxury hotel like the Monaco & Grand Canal in Venice, Hotel Al Porto in Zurich, Bentley Hotel in Istanbul Design and Mitsui Garden Hotel in Ginza, Tokyo, just to name a few.
Piero Lissoni is today also much appreciated for his skills as a designer and art director: in 2008 for Living Divani has created a series of furniture with innovative and sophisticated design, inspired by the aesthetic principles of Zen and oriented to simplicity, balance and symmetry.

Interview with Piero Lissonii

The genius of Piero Lissoni in the new Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino

All the new Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino, its environment, the harmony of design and technical innovation are the result of the architectural genius of Piero Lissoni, who had to work hard to make up a general harmony at all the parts of the Resort .
Starting from the architectural restoration of the facade of the Grand Hotel Billia, Piero Lissoni wanted to give at the whole project a character of harmony between past and future. The meeting point of this project is manifested in the new Resort, endowed with an informal soul and friendly atmosphere for Parc Hotel Billia and more elegant and internationally character for the new Grand Hotel Billia.
The new Casino de la Vallée | Saint-Vincent has been thought of in terms of the emotions that had to convey to its guests: the gambling areas have been designed to impart elegance and discretion to the entire structure, as well as the bars and restaurants housed in their internal environments, from simple and elegant design, ideal for relaxing breaks after the great excitement of the game.
Finally, the architect Piero Lissoni, wanted to give a new soul to the new congress center, built according to criteria of efficiency, scalability and technology…
Check out the new Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino, click here!

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