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Interview with the alpine guide Freerider Jimmy Sesana

Jimmy Sesana is originally from Turin, he lives in the charming Aosta Valley from a little over 20 years.
Born in 1969 , he became an Alpine Guide in 2009. Big fan of off-piste skiing and Freeride, he prefers the winter-spring season in which can best express his freeride, alpine skiing and off-piste skiing techniques.
During his career as an alpine guide freerider he has traveled countless descents judged among the most performing and most exciting in the world, like Lyskamm, Brenva Spur, Couturier couloir on the Aiguille Verte, Grandes Jorasses, Lenzspitze and Monch.
His dream is to ski all year round: when it is summer in Europe, fall below the Equator, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand and continue to be in the mountain with skis on his feet…
Given his vast experience as an alpine guide freerider the Saint- Vincent Resort & Casino has activated a collaboration with him to promote the discipline of freeride in the Aosta Valley and to approach to this sport the guests of the Resort …

freerider Jimmy Sesana

Hello Jimmy, you have a great passion for freeriding, this has become over the years your main occupation , do you think that the Aosta Valley is a special place for this discipline?
Without a shadow of a doubt the Aosta Valley has a huge potential as far as freeriding. There are so many beautiful mountains and all relatively close. The winning combination, in my opinion, is to use both the lifts that skins: in a short time and with little effort you can make great descents. Too bad that there is the right approach: for example, in this month, of May, all facilities are closed while in the mountains there are still exceptional snow conditions!

Complete this sentence : For me, the mountain is…
Difficult to answer… with a few words and without being bombastic. The mountain is my life, my faith, the place where I feel free, where I’m more often happy, the mountain is my belief, my passion, the place where I’m really myself.

How did you get in you a passion for freeriding?
The passion for skiing off-piste, freeriding, was born spontaneously, without forcing: I ski since I was 3 years old and still now, I have never feel tired of skiing. Everything is very simple and boils down to a question and an answer : “Why i ski?  ‘Cause it makes me profoundly happy!” There wasn’t a symbolic episode that has made them fall in love. I just started as a child to do something that, even now, makes me feel good.

Among the many descents that have marked your great career what you believe is the most challenging? and why?
Technically 2 are the descents that have engaged me more: the north face of the Aiguille du Midi in ’99 and the north face of the Breithorn in 2000 , both of which are steep and when I ski them there was a lot of ice in sight.. .

What sensations do you feel during a downhill?
To speak of the feelings of a descent 10 interviews would not be enough… However, it is a mix of strong feelings: there is definitely a respect for the place where you are, easy or difficult it may be, there is confidence in their abilities, the maximum concentration, there is no place for other thoughts…. a sort of fear “controlled” that makes you feel ready for anything, maybe even a hint of irony that makes you say: ” … I’m just a crazy to be here, but I need this to feel good… ” . Here, in summary, it is more or less like this….

What is the link connects you to the Valle d’Aosta ?
I live in the Aosta Valley for the past 24 years: I spent more years here that in Turin , I think it is very difficult to find a place with so many mountains and so little distance between them, everywhere you turn there are mountains to ski. All you need is desire and motivation: it is a unique place for those who have this passion !

The Saint- Vincent Resort & Casino offers the opportunity for its guests to experience the adrenaline pf the hazard and the excitement of the freeride, do you think you can match the adrenaline of freeride ande the adrenaline of the hazard?
I have often thought about the similarities between gambling and the freeride I do. There are points in common. The risk is certainly one of them: the choice of risking everything, life or economic ruin, for something that you can not explain, for some people is a source of happiness.
I believe that if I were not an alpine guide, if I had not the strong feelings of the sport I do, I might be a gambler… I can also tell a difference between this two activities: in some card games such as Poker, you can ” bluff ” and, if you’re lucky, you can win without good cards. In the mountains, in the type of skiing I do, it’s almost impossible that the ” bluff” to succeed. Better not try it…
It remains a fact , absolute and indisputable that unites much my skiing and gambling : it is the luck or fate that has the last word. The stronger Freerider and the top player can not do it without the help of Lady Luc …

Thanks Jimmy for your helpfulness and for the passion that you can send to all freeriders and those who are approaching this discipline !

Guida alpina Freerider

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