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Indian cuisine in Aosta Valley

Cuisine is a vital aspect to offer a good accommodation to foreign tourists who visit the Aosta Valley. The theme of food is almost important and delicate when foreign tourists must follow specific rules and precepts in alimentation.

The Indian tourists are an example of this concept: in fact the people of India is very careful with the dishes presented on the menus of restaurants outside of India because the Hindu religion retains some basic precepts inherent alimentation that every beliver have to follow scrupulously, even far away from the homeland.

Indian cuisine in Aosta Valley – workshop

The Aosta Valley Region is very careful with the needs of foreign tourists who like to visit this enchanting region.
For this reason, Aosta Valley Region has organized in the month of June 2014 at the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino an important workshop on Indian cuisine, opened to all operators of tourist facilities localized in the region, whose purpose is to train the participants on the main precepts of the culinary culture of India and to propose an Indian menu that will make indian tourists feel closer to their culture.

Indian cuisine in Aosta Valley

In the first part of the workshop were analyzed some fundamental aspects of Indian culinary culture, highlighting the most suitable dishes to serve to the Indian customers,  indicating which animals and derived can be tasted by an indian tourist  and which ones are preferable not to propose.
In the second part of the workshop a renowned Indian Chef, resident in the Aosta Valley for a long time, proposed to the participants a basic indian menu, live cooking various dishes and explaining in detail their preparation.

Indian menu proposed in the workshop

During the workshop has been specifically prepared a menu dedicated to vegetarian and a non-vegetarian menu, with chicken meat.

indian recipe

Vegetable Pakora: vegetable fritters

Main dish:
Vegetable Pulao: Rice with vegetables
Mix. Veg. Sabzi: spicy mixed vegetables
Chiken Curry
Dal: Cream of lentils
Mix. Vegetable Raita: Vegetable salad yoghurt
2 types of bread:
Paratha: bread with oil/butter
Roti/Chapati: bread without fats and yeast

Sandesh: cheese cupcakes

Indian cuisine at Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino

The Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino, in addition to hosting this important event of Indian cuisine, has encouraged the participation of its food & beverage staff  at the workshop to improve the hospitality standards for Indian tourists.

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