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Heliski in Europe

heliski in Aosta Valley

The heliski in Europe is a controversial practice: in some european countries this is allowed, but the legislation of other european countries do not permit the practice of the heliski. The impact that the heliski has on the territory is in fact very high, due to the noise pollution caused by the helicopter, which can disturb the peace of the animals that live in the high mountains. For this reason, in some European countries heliski is prohibited.

Among the European countries where it is allowed to practice heliski there is Italy, here, especially in Aosta Valley, the heliski is not prohibited and there are a lot of tourist companies that offer the heliski to the tourists.
The Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino offers you the possibility to practice the heliski in the beautiful alpine mountains of Aosta Valley, the highest and most majestic mountains of Europe.
To get all the information about the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino heliski offer visit this page.

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