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Freeride in Aosta Valley

Freeride in Aosta Valley

Imagine you are on the top of the slope of a mountain in the Alps of the Aosta Valley, at your feet a breathtaking view, a way of virgin snow , fresh and soft .
Starting your descent you feel your skis cut through the snow like hot butter, floating on it and leaving an indelible trace of your passage…
Many expert freeriders approach the Freeride to the feeling of surfing the waves of the sea but what changes is the landscape, because Aosta Valley immerses your senses in a wild, beautiful and impressive natural context…

What is Freeride

Freeride is a discipline that takes place off-piste skiing, in complete freedom. In Freeride the lifts is through the ski lifts, ski skins, or with Heliski.
Freeride is a very controversial practice because it behaves the risk of triggering avalanches. For this reason the practice of the Freeride is recommended accompanied by a professional alpine guide specialized in backcountry skiing and freeride.

Freeride in Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley is definitely a privileged territory for the practice of Freeride. On top of Europe’s highest Alpine peaks (Aosta Valley counts 4 of the highest mountains of the European continent, all over 4,000 meters above sea level, ed.) are in fact possible routes of freeride for all tastes: from the gentle slopes, to improve your off-piste skiing technique, to the most exciting challenges that can test the skills of the most experienced freeriders.
Saint- Vincent Resort & Casino offers the possibility of practicing Freeride in absolute safety, freedom and fun.
By staying at our Resort is in fact is possible to experience the thrills of freeride in simplicity, just making the request at the front desk of our Hotels.
The mountain guide selected for offering the Freeride experience by the Saint- Vincent Resort & Casino is the famous alpine guide Freerider Jimmy Sesana:

Alpine guide freerider
Click the image to read the interview with Jimmy Sesana


Experience the great adventure of the Freeride in the Aosta Valley with the proposals of Saint- Vincent Resort & Casino, discover all our offers here.

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