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food and wine in Aosta Valley

Food and wine in Aosta Valley

Food and wine is a very important aspect in Aosta Valley culture.
The Aosta Valley population is in fact always been devoted to farming and mountain agriculture and this aspect has led the local food culture at being characterized by dishes of animal origin, such as dairy products, cheeses and meats or dishes that combine the flavor of the mountain vegetables to foods of animal origin.

Food and wine products of Aosta Valley

Discover the food and wine proposal of the Aosta Valley means to enter in a strongly connoting aspect of the local culture. The region, in fact, although it is very limited geographically, offers culinary specialties and wine very famous and well known at international level.
Among the food and wine that characterize the Aosta Valley outside of its territorial boundaries there are Fontina cheese, made ​​from cow’s milk seasoning in pasture, the  Bleu d’ Aoste, cow’s milk cheese with a strong and distinctive flavor, many sausages and sliced ​​with a strong and enveloping flavor, like Arnad lard and the Bosses ham. The local food and wine tradition is characterized also by many peasant recipes, such as polenta concia, the famous Seupa Valpellinentze, the Seupa di Cogne and many other dishes with a strong flavor and charm.
Even the wine tradition of the Aosta Valley has a thickness within the relevant international scene: the local red and white wines are in fact well-known and renowned for their organoleptic characteristics and the peculiarity that distinguishes them. Suffice it to mention the fact that many prestigious vineyards of Aosta Valley wines are located at the highest altitudes of the European continent, giving their great quality grapes.

Aosta Valley cheeses

Our Food and wine proposal

The Saint- Vincent Resort & Casino has always had a special relationship with the gastronomic culture of Aosta Valley. His five restaurants offer dishes that recall this important culture and local products are the real protagonists in the preparation of delicious recipes from our Chef. In addition, each week appetizers are organized to help our guests to know the products of our culinary tradition.
Our Resort also offers the chance to discover the culinary culture of the Aosta Valley with guided tours at the main farm and the best local producers, in this way you will be able to discover the very best of local food and wine culture.
To discover the food and wine in the Aosta Valley with elegance and sophistication visit our website and book your stay.

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