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excursions with mountain guide

Excursions with mountain guide in Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley is a region that has always attracted hikers and mountain lovers for its privileged location in the heart of the Alps, for the presence of the 3 highest mountains of the European continent, for the big concentration of peaks that stand out above 4,000 meters above sea level and for the beauty of the nature nestled in the beautiful valleys that constitute its territory.

Excursions with a mountain guide

Imagine you are at the foot of an imposing mountain: the nature colors enchant your eyes while a cool breeze fills your lungs before starting your great adventure… What can make the difference, in this unique experience, is to have the opportunity to live this adventure in total safety, backed by a mountain guide that can ensure your safety and tell you all the secrets hidden in the heart of the mountains. To fully understand the mountain you must have respect for it… The mountain is in fact an extreme place, where beauty is combined with wild and courage has nothing to do with unconsciousness.

Excursions with mountain guides in Aosta Valley

Excursions in Aosta Valley

The Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino is located in a privileged position for lovers of trekking, nordic walking and mountain hiking: situated in the center of the central valley of Aosta Valley, in a few kilometers away from the 3 highest mountains in Europe, is the ideal place to stay to discover the Aosta Valley with ease and elegance. In addition, the Resort offers its guests the opportunity to make excursions throughout the territory of Aosta Valley accompanied by the most internationally known mountain guides. One such is the president of the Mountain Guides of Arnad, the well-known mountaineer and ski instructor Andrea Duc, we have interviewed him for you.

Mountain guide Andrea Duc
Read the interview with the Mountain guide Andrea Duc

If you want to live your great adventure in the highest peaks in Europe, discover the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino offer dedicated to the lovers of trekking, nordic walking and mountain hiking, click here!

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