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Aosta Christmas Market

Christmas market in Aosta Valley

The magic of Christmas begins to make its way into the homes and streets of Aosta Valley. The childrens scan the sky to see some evidence of Santa Clouse’s sleigh and the grandmothers decorate the houses and tables for the festivities of Christmas…
In this sparkling festive atmosphere is renewed in Aosta Valley the great tradition of the Aosta Christmas Market: an unique opportunity to all tourists who want to make a very special gift  and to all the curious who want to visit this magical and idyllic place…

Aosta Christmas Market

Aosta Christmas market is hosted in the picturesque scenery of the Aosta Valley Roman amphitheater: a place full of history, out of time.
In the area adjacent to the amphitheater, there are the exhibitors houses, artisans and merchants who show their most important sculptures and souvenirs…
The market is characterized also by food and sweets, characteristic flavors, sweet and savory, all you need to provide a moment of peace and relaxation during the Christmas shopping.

Christmas Market

The Christmas market with class and elegance

The Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino invites you to experience the thrill of the Aosta Christmas market with class and elegance, combining the charm and fun of the Christmas shopping with an unique tourism experience in the Resort & Casino more elegant and fun of Italy.
After visiting and having done your Christmas gifts in the magical Aosta Christmas market, you will relax in our spa, 1,700 square feet of pampering, you will choose from three different restaurants, each of which features dishes and unique culinary experiences and you will have fun in the famous Casino de la Vallée…
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